Let us determine how to deliver the truth. Should it be delivered with candytops and sugarcanes and smiles? NO! The truth must be delivered UNADULTERATED; free from radicals, free from  restraints, and must be delivered no matter what, without excuses.

But how are lies usually delivered? I am not a righteous and sinless man, and I tell some lies of my own sometimes. Lies are delivered covered with candies and krinkles, topped with sugar, and delivered with fear.

And this is how the situation is today. There is a bunch of people who promised to lead us through the school year through programs and projects to help make our university stay cool and comfy. But how have they fared, honestly? Beato Angelico itself will answer HELL FAILED!

And not being true to one’s promise is called BETRAYAL, and BETRAYAL is equivalent to lying. They have betrayed us by not fulfilling their promises, and it means that they have LIED to us. That is why all we see now, if indeed we see anything, is nothing but sugarcoats and candytops, because underneath all those are LIES that they keep.

But now that their betrayal and lying is exposed to the entire world, I pray that the CFAD SC learned its lesson. Lying can bring you far, but not so far. And at some point, students would begin to ask for the promises you have sworn on. And CFAD SC has done nothing but trouble and non-sense.


They have been denying the incompetence, but the college itself has corroborated with what has gone out. Reality may hurt, but reality is true. If there is some honorable droplets of blood still in their veins, they should apologize for the incompetence they are and LEAVE THEIR POSTS. Look at how the Japanese officials do it; when their government is in a position of dishonor, they resign because of love of country. I dion’t know if the CFAD SC people are gonna do it, for it seems that everything is fine in their eyes. I wish I had their eyes, but not their brains.

CFAD STUDENT COUNCIL MUST NOW RESIGN! Wala na silang kredibilidad. The people has lost their trust in them.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

12 Responses to CFAD SC RESIGN

  1. Jeriel says:

    Dapat talaga mag-resign yang mga yan. Incompetent fools aren’t supposed to be sitting on top of people who are a lot wiser than they are.

    – concerned Lasallian

  2. blahblahblah says:

    ..why post only comments good for you?

    is that what you call UNADULTERATED?

    please.. and you call yourself a journalist?

    fuck off carlo.

  3. concerned Thomasian says:

    you don’t know what you are talking about!!!!!
    you are too shallow!

    if you want to change places with them so badly then just tell them directly, that is if they would even let a scum like you talk to them..

    don’t underestimate people if you don’t know what are they trying to do to build up their council…

  4. annoyed... says:

    sorry…off topic. but,”concerned Lasallian”?! come on. go live your own life. pati ba naman sa ibang komunidad nangengealam.

  5. Jeriel says:

    Student din ako, bakit? Ako… Ayoko sa diversity. Ayoko yung mga tipong tinatrato yung mga schools as a nationality, para lang masabing magkaiba ang mga students. Pangalan lang naman ng mga school yan, eh. I’m just commenting on what I’ve read. If you’re annoyed, I guess SC ka rin, or kasama mo sila?

  6. anon123 says:

    It’s called a COMMENT. It’s an OPINION. Wala na bang freedom of speech ngayon? Ano naman kung taga lasalle sya. It’s not only you who can read this blog and not only thomasians who get to comment on this matter. COMMENT nga eh! If you are living your “OWN” life that only includes you and your roster of friends and you are oblivious to the other humans around you…. what a sad life you live.

  7. anon123 says:

    And to the SC in CFAD that are bashing Carlo, kung sa tingin nyo ay hindi totoo LAHAT ng ito. Maybe it’s time to show carlo that he’s WRONG than thinking of utterly redundant words to lower his moral. JUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! then if you prove him wrong it will give you your JUSTICE. DON’T BE ALL TALK AND NO WALK.

  8. hm. says:

    uh.. sori po..first chance ko po to magcomment and before i say anything, ala akong ‘carlo-side’ or ‘sc-side’.. pero response lang po to Jeriel.. 22o po un na student po kau pero malaking bagay din po pag sinabing parte kau ng komunidad ng Ust (specifically cfad since un ung college concerned..) kac po isa lang yung side ng situation ung narinig nyo ( I should assume since u havent given any indication that uve been privy to everything that happened sa issue na 2.. if alam nyu po, well then, good for u..that should be clarified immediately)

    “Incompetent fools aren’t supposed to be sitting on top of people who are a lot wiser than they are.” ang sc po nagbbago every year..dami personalities, dami ups and downs and strengths and weaknesses. im not saying yung mga cnabi so far ni carlo are wrong… pero yung solutions and extra statements ng mga nagcocomment, tho accdg to anon123 meron tau freedom of expression, sana naman po wag masyadu critical. some might say na “e kung d mo kaya blunt na katotohanan e d wag ka makeelam” after reading my comment. its not that I cant accept the ‘truth’ as it is. pero ung ‘environment’ na naeenvision ng mga statements like these or nung iba pa is like alang leeway na magkasala o magkamali. tao din yan. people susceptible to mistakes and stress as much as achievements. not to mention that they are not leaders by professional occupation na yun at yun lang. student din yan with the same student load. out of all the people out there, lam ko leaders r technically people na pinaka “hindi pwedeng magkamali” kung ppwede kac damay madaming tao. but i still believe kaya yan maresolve ng masmaayos and tulung tulungan lang yan. people need leaders and leaders need people. kung meron pagkukulang, sabihan ng maayos tungkol sa concern; kung medyo d napa22unan ng pansin due to whatever reason, patience lang. pwede bring up sa office or maging zealous sa pagupdate if u have tym. Wag na munang isipin and magwhine kung sino dapat ang magexert ng MORE effort. the student body naman as a whole ang magrreap ng results na maganda so its worth the effort. just try discussing possible issues with the necessary people. wag naman “ende to nagawa, so resign!”, “not wise enough, resign!”, “hindi naatupag agad, resign!” etc. etc… d b exasperating? everybody is wiser at least at SOMETHING than everybody else. it will always happen. again and again and again and again…at some point there will be at least one blunder. then what? resign ang sagot agad? to prove meron clang natitirang decency and respect? at this age… i would assume that the worth and dignity of someone means a lot more than failing, not even deliberately, a position of power. One can only keep on learning and either of the parties can only resort to understanding as to why great or disappointing results happen. To be so critical under the pretense of justice is risky once you’ve met with someone AS critical and they turned their eye on you. And in the end all they will tell you is ‘resign’ in a snap. There is no growth involved. What is it really that you want to see? I dont believe that the SC is 100% good and effective but I also dont believe that they’re 100% ‘crap’. For example: accdg. to this post, in a gist, the current SC members of CFAD are liars. I would appreciate it if you can bullet every single promise they made and bullet how they didn’t accomplish them as well.

    Anyway, good luck to the endeavors of carlo.. i will also say the same to the SC people… hopefully maresolve to…i can feel madaming prodctive na pwedeng mangyari kung sana meron lang collaboration of some sort. Sayang.

  9. carlomasajo says:

    hi hm. whoever you are, i thank you for your comment. i understand where you are coming from.

    you have great insights and i will strongly consider that. i wish that the CFAD SC still has enough brain cells to absorb those, since i see the great gap of their replies to my blogs.

    there are things that budge, there are things that don’t. unfortunately, i cannot rub elbows with people i am supposed to guard.

    btw, sana sa mga magrereply, please leave your name. i will only ccord respect when you introduce yourself.

  10. Jeriel says:

    Good point there, lad/lass. I like your comment. Walang kinakampihan. It’s clear na kinampihan ko si Carlo, pero it doesn’t mean na I can’t support him here by making a comment to what I’ve read, just like what the concerned Thomasian said. May freedom of speech nga tayo sabi ni anon123. Why not use it?

    Bottom line, hm., I like your reply.

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  12. kapong says:

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