Ang Pagtatapos ng Isyu

This afternoon, I was called for in the office of the Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Design, Assoc. Prof. Jimmy delos Santos. Present in the same meeting were the Secretary of the college, Mam Jean, the adviser of HIRAYA, Mam Mort, and the department chair of Painting, Mam Mailah.

The conversation I had with the dean was a rather different one. He was very fatherly and was very calm. Though he has informed na nasaktan siya sa mga isinulat ko, gusto niya raw ang aking writing style.

Minsan, we are not able to look at other things readily available to assist us. Umaasa-asa pa tayo sa mga Student Council, wala naman silang ginagawa. Mas mabuti pa pala na magredress ng grievances kay Dean, or kay Mam Jean, or sa mga Department heads because they act WAY faster than our beloved SC. If we compare them to technology, BROADBAND sila dean, DIAL-UP ang student council.

Also, the dean has opened his office officially to the CFAD students (actually matagal na ito). He has expressed that he is willing to personally help any CFAD student who finds trouble or wants to air their concern. Dumerecho na tayo sa kanila kasi sila, may magagawa. Hayaan na natin ang 7th floor.

Kanina, hindi ko maiwasang ipakita ang sentiments ko kay dean. I have conveyed my feelings and the concern of the CFAD populace. I told the dean about the looming potential UTI problem because of the water and the stoppage of classes because of the water. I told the dean na kahit mag-ikot kami sa CFAD, marami ang mag-e-express ng pagkadismaya sa SC. In fact, if I may quote myself, “hindi na sila nakakatuwa, nakakasuka na sila”.  The dean informed that he will take action.

Dean Jimmy told me that he understands my concerns and the concerns of the entire CFAD community, and has solicited for my help to address these concerns and become a part of the solution.  On my part, I see no problem. I would be more than glad to be part of the solution.  He also clarified the rumors about my removal from the position as HIRAYA EIC, and he denied these. Everything was clarified.

Concluding the Meeting:

Perhaps there were several lessons that can be lifted from this experience. First, that the CFAD studentry remains to be truly vigilant and supportive for causes  to change and improve systems. Second, that we have a dean, and other administrators more than willing to cross an extra mile to give us what we truly deserve; and lastly, that there is truly a problem with the CFAD student council.

I end this blog series with the prayer that the CFAD Student Council may find its way through the darkness inflicted by its systems and find true and efficient means of serving their fellow students. Mas masarap matulog sa gabi knowing that the next day, the students are still on your side.

To Mam Mortel, I extremely apologize for whatever trouble this has brought to you and HIRAYA. Please understand that this was undertaken on my personal capacity, and I tried to drag HIRAYA out of it as much as I can. I may have reached specific judgment, but I have tried my bet not to make it jeopardize my work as editor-in-chief.

But make no mistake, CFAD SC, I will not think twice of utilizing this tool if you continue your ignorance of the needs of the students and incompetence. This I know has brought so much insult and bad light to you, but that was way overdue. Hindi ako magdadalawang isip na gamitin ito upang ilantad ang mali at ang mga kashungahan ninyo. Mula ngayon, umayos na kayo, NANONOOD ANG BUONG CFAD SA INYO!

Journalism’s main function is social responsibility. For it is through this that we serve our fellows. To my fellow journalists in the college and in the university, I am proud to become one of the reporters. I am proud to become editor-in-chief of HIRAYA, and I am proud to be of service to my fellow students.  Social responsibility is making public information a tool for providing the people with sound and informed judgment.

And to the CFAD students, we have awaken the sleeping SC, and the CFAD admin has reaffirmed its commitment to us. Let us do our part.

Maraming maraming maraming salamat po.


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

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  1. CFADstudent A says:

    Go Carlo!!!! ;D

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