The Death of Students’ Rights in CFAD

This afternoon, I silently packed my things at the HIRAYA Office. I bade goodbye to most of my mates there who, for the last 4 months, has shown me nothing but kindness. But my afternoon went on naturally. I finished writing some articles for the magazine, designating articles, and running the office. The day was quite a regular one.

Until the late afternoon.

It has been reported to me by some sources that the SC is doing moves to kick me out of my position as editor-in-chief of the CFAD Magazine. As of now, it remains as a rumor, but I await confirmation from the CFAD SC (i wish they do).

But I am more than prepared to leave office, for I am accountable to the CFAD students and serve to their pleasure. If the students, and my superiors believe that I am incompetent to hold the job, I will not have second thoughts of pulling myself out.

I do not know if this has something to do with the exposes I have done, but I am very much prepared.

Since this maintains itself as a rumor, I would like to discuss in general how situations of this nature affected circumstances in various contexts.

Removal of a critic indicates the incapacity of the leaders to respond and is an admission to the expose revealed by the person removed. Marami na ang natanggal for speaking out their minds. And if this is the true price of social responsibility, the whistle-blower must be prepared. This is similar to admission that there is truth in the allegations.

This also indicates the death of a democracy. Silencing of critics is the indicator that a democracy has been completely toppled down by authoritarianism, where the leadership takes control over vital offices and controls all information to espouse the idea of strength and power.

But what is the point of this entire thing?

This is a well-organized plot not to silence me personally, but to silence the growing number of CFAD students expressing their distaste over CFAD SC status quo. They want to make us see things the way they see. They begin the process of manipulation. And me, being editor-in-chief and having a certain degree of command as a media practitioner of the college, makes me an easy prey. Most especially now, when they have reasons for removing me.

The moments I have had as EIC of the HIRAYA Magazine gave me a very different view of CFAD. It has made me see and hear the stories that only laud under the drafting tables and that only cross the T-Squares of them. The CFAD students are quiet and painstaking, but when they are given the chance to bloom, they shed who they really are. And this is how I discovered their problems and issues.

I will definitely miss the orgroom and the new found friends that I have had, and the work that I do. But if this pursues, then, I will be prepared to leave.

Students’ rights in CFAD is in the verge of death. Please be part of saving it.

They may be removing me as EIC of HIRAYA, but they can never silence the mouth that sheds nothing but the truth.

Maraming salamat po.


Editor-in-Chief (under fire)

HIRAYA Magazine 


About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

2 Responses to The Death of Students’ Rights in CFAD

  1. reymos says:

    What happened? Good luck to your mission and I do hope you will pass these trials. Honestly, Im not a student activist when I was in college but I was also a member editorial board of our uni paper. I do news on the various students organisation which had it named, Campus Beat. More power and keep blogging!

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