Ang Bagong Laban

Note: I write this blog due to an incident that happened last night at some building at school. Unfortunately, I will have to be litigated about it.)

Perhaps, there are battles that we face to make us stronger; but there are battles that we face to test if our strength has remained or if it has gone. As for me, I am bound to face a battle where I have done nothing wrong but because of circumstances, I will have to face.

Today, I stayed home all day, thinking if there was something wrong in what I did. After several assessments, I can truly say that I have done nothing wrong.

Last night, I went to the CSC office and had the chance to talk to our President, Reyner Villasenor. And at that instance, I (pushed by he necessity and responsibility) talked to him regarding the concerns faced by the CFAD students; the bathrooms, the classrooms, the water, and everything else. I expressed my distaste towards the incumbent SC administration of the college. This may hurt but this was how I felt; they have been doing nothing.

I have told him a lot of other concerns and urged him to take action and pay a visit to Beato Angelico to see these things himself. Afterwhich, I left.

Today, I received a text message that Mr. Villasenor talked to Dr. Cabral, the Asst. to the Rector for Student ffairs, and shall be going to the CFAD SWDB on monday regarding this. Reports have it that he was hell pissed off.He may be filing a case against me.

And the reflection thus, begins. Since when was complaining declared an offense? I understand that perhaps the truth is a bitter pill to swallow, but the truth must be said. As a CFAD student, it is my right to air whatever grievance I have towards my school, and as SC, instead of panting and being pissed about it, he should have taken action.


In God’s eyes and in the light of the handbook, I have done nothing wrong. But perhaps this is the price of reckoning with the powers that be. I have only aired what I believe is wrong, and as an elected officer of the SC, he must take action. But what he did was a surprise.


This is what spells the difference. I may be gay, but I had the BALLS to tell him what was wrong. He did not have the BALLS to face the truth!!!

And so to all readers of this blog, I would like to inform you that by next week, I might be having a case filed by the CSC (I dunno what ground). But I will face this with my head on!


Huwag tayong magkilos BAKLA!

Face it the way it should be faced. Take action and tell your ALIPORES to just shut up and work harder.

Nonetheless, I still have respect for Mr. Villasenor as president of the CSC. But his means of reacting to the situation was far different. And you call yourself a LEADER?

I know that you may have a lot of connections and I have none, but let us allow scrutiny in the court of public opinion. I will face you head on! No excuses. I will face you in legitimate authorities and prove my case.

To all THOMASIANS, please understand that as an ordinary student, I was deeply offended by the fact that he will sue me for exercising my right. This so-called fighters for student freedom is the VERY FIRST PERSON TO VIOLATE HIS PROMISE. I don’t know how this will turn out. With his strength, he can even have me debarred. But I am on the right side. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TELL THE STUDENT COUNCIL THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG. We voted for them because they promised to serve us, not to PERSECUTE US when we begin to be dissatisfied.

++Sigh…++ I hope that I garner enough strength to face this battle.

About carlomasajo
I am a 21 year old Fine Arts student from the University of Santo Tomas trying to help this nation become a better one.

2 Responses to Ang Bagong Laban

  1. goddess says:

    go lang gurl..
    kung alam nasa tama ka, GO!

    wag mag-asal BAKLA? (gurl ah! ayoko nitong statement mo!)
    nonetheless, good luck sa bayag mo!

    mag-yngat ka lagi..

  2. Kosa, go forward with what you believe in.

    As for myself… I believe we must fight for our rights… not just as human beings but as a student of our university. We must and therefore practice defending it, what is right and what is true.

    More Power!

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